Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Windsports Hang Gliding Beach Lesson

I recently took an introductory hang gliding lesson with Windsports Hang Gliding (another Groupon buy!). The introductory lesson takes place on Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey and gets you seven flights. If you'd rather run off a cliff instead of the beach, they do have mountain tandem lessons. In the beach lesson you kind of fly off on your own, but the instructor runs alongside you.

The best part is that you  get to fly off in the very first lesson, so you get to feel the action immediately. First they teach you the basic of how to strap yourself in, lift the glide to get ready, and handle the glide. This was only a 15 minute talk or so, and the rest is practice. Surprisingly, the glide is very sensitive and you must handle it very lightly to maneuver.
My friend Jenny getting ready for a run
One of my better runs: 
It may seem short on the video, but it was awesome to glide "alone" in the air. Hang gliding seems to be a great new activity to pick up. With Dockweiler Beach nearby, you can practice on your own safely before taking mountain lessons. You *do* have to carry the glide back up, though. Man, that thing was heavy!

Paragliding or hang gliding? Can't decide ...

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