Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knott's Scary Farm: Haunted Mazes for 2013

Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? Because Scary Farm has started at Knott's with their haunted mazes.

This year, they've added a secret room to each maze that you can unlock with a "skeleton key". With this you go in from a separate line in small groups (up to 6) for a short interactive experience. You can buy this as a combo with the Fright Pass (like a fast pass but only for the mazes), or book a dinner "boo-fet" that lets you into the park earlier.
Personally, though, if you have to choose where to splurge, I would opt for "Trapped", where the whole maze is interactive. The Trapped maze is $60 for up to 6 people (so if you can get a group of 6 together that's only $10 per person). I was lucky enough to be invited into this maze last year and it was quite fun (i.e. scary). You may have to do some scary things, though, like getting into a coffin ... the eating crickets part was easy.
Some of the new mazes this year is raven-filled Forevermore.
Knott's Scary Farm

Knott's Scary Farm It sounds Poe-inspired but as we exited the maze we saw a thank you note to the 'Namgis people of British Columbia. Seems like the raven masks are inspired by their traditional masks, and I thought the thank you note was a nice touch!
The mine ride also turned into a haunted ride, which allowed them to do things on a bigger scale, but the walking maze is closer and thus scarier.

I liked the Houdini-inspired Black Magic.
Knott's Scary Farm
Some of it's a bit Donnie Darko, maybe? :)
Knott's Scary Farm
The Knott's Scary Farm will go on until November 2 and you can reserve your tickets online (might as well splurge on the Fright Pass!)

Of course, the rides are still open!
Knott's Scary Farm

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